The International Society of Protistologists and The Journal of Eukaryotic Microbiology conferred the 2021 William Trager Award on: Xavier Pochon and Todd C. LaJeunesse for publishing the most cited article of 2021 entitled:Miliolidium n. gen, a New Symbiodiniacean Genus Whose Members Associate with Soritid Foraminifera or Are Free-Living” (vol. 68, e12856, 2021)

The study by Pochon and LeJeunesse provided genetic, morphological, and ecological evidence to describe a new genus and species of the dinoflagellate family Symbiodiniaceae. Miliolidium n. gen. is closely related to the genus Durusdinium and contains several genetically divergent ecologically distinct lineages found in distant geographic locations indicating an Indo-Pacific wide distribution. They described the morphological characteristics of one of these species, Miliolidium leei, which is associated with soritid foraminifera and revealing that research in Symbiodiniaceae diversity is extremely limited.

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