Dr. Anastasios Tsaousis of the University of Kent is the 2022 Hutner Award recipient.

The Hutner Achievement Award, established to honor Dr. Seymour Hutner, is granted annually by the International Society of Protistologists to a Society member within 15 years of their PhD., who has made outstanding contributions in some area(s) of protistology. Along with the prestige that accompanies this award, recipients are given a cash prize provided by the endowed Hutner Fund and are invited to present a special lecture at an annual meeting of the Society.

Dr. Anastasios Tsaousis was awarded the 2022 Hutner Prize in recognition of his contributions in three interconnected areas: cell biology of microbial parasites, evolutionary cell biology of mitochondria, and diversity of gut eukaryome of humans and other animals. Using a broad range of methodologies spanning from microscopy to informatics, he has produced a significant publication record. He has contributed significantly in leadership positions supporting protistology: membership director of the International Society of Evolutionary Protistology, Chair of the Eukaryotic Division of the Microbiology Society UK, and Vice President and President of Protistology UK. Recently he successfully led the international consortium EU COST on Blastocystis.

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