The International Society of Protistologists and The Journal of Eukaryotic Microbiology conferred the 2022 William Trager Award on: Y. Zhou, L. Fu, K. Mochizuki, J. Xiong, W. Miao, and G. Wang for publishing the most cited article of 2022 entitled: “Absolute quantification of chromosome copy numbers in the polyploid macronucleus of Tetrahymena thermophila at the single-cell level” (vol. 69, e12907, 2022)

After confirming that droplet digital PCR is a sensitive method to determine chromosome copy numbers at the single-cell level, Zhou et al. used it to quantify the absolute chromosome copy number of the polyploid macronucleus of Tetrahymena termophila. They analyzed individual T. thermophila cells in the G1 and amitotic phases and found average values of 90.9 at G1 phase, and 189.8 at the amitotic phase. The copy number was shown to differ among different macronucleus chromosomes. The results indicate that droplet digital PCR can be used to model amitosis, a type of cell division in which nuclear genetic materials are distributed to daughter cells in the absence of a mitotic spindle.

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