I am writing with the very sad news that early on June 26 our friend and colleague Denis Lynn died in a tragic accident. Denis was working in the field on Calvert Island collecting mussels in a tide pool with graduate students and postdocs when he was struck by a large and unexpected wave. His colleagues in the field were with him right away and did everything possible, but Denis had already passed away. For almost 10 years we had the privilege of working alongside Denis since he moved to UBC from Guelph. I came to know him not just for his unique contributions to science and as the foremost authority on ciliate diversity and evolution, but also as an outstanding role model for leadership and collegiality. We all learned a lot from Denis every day, about biology and about living a life in science, and we will miss him greatly. We will take time at the upcoming ISOP meeting to remember Denis’ life, and will keep the community posted as arrangements are made.

Patrick Keeling
Botany Department
University of British Columbia

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