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2024 CGUE Conference on Unicellular Eukaryotes

September 30October 5

This conference is designed to facilitate interactions between researchers who study comparative genomics, molecular mechanisms, and cell biology for a diversity of microbial eukaryotes. These range from fungi to uncultured protists in aquatic, terrestrial, and host environments. The overarching aim of the meeting is to highlight the latest research and approaches for understanding the world from the perspective of a unicellular eukaryotes, specifically through the lens of the genomic underpinnings of their activities and evolution – and interactions with other cells. Such interactions range from ephemeral to permanent physical associations with other biological entities, including bacteria, archaea, and viruses, and the evolutionary processes that support them. These topics will be addressed alongside the latest developments in model and non-traditional eukaryotic model organisms and knowledge of their cellular biology – especially in connection to interactions with the external world.

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