43rd annual meeting of The German Society for Protozoology

The 43rd annual meeting of the DGP at the Adolf-Schmidt-Bildungszentrum in Haltern am See. Registration Registration to the conference is open, !!! deadline 12.01.2024 !!! If you want to register as a DGP member, please join the Society by filling the membership application form in advance. In case of questions or problems according to registration, please write to: dgp_meeting2024@uni-due.de  […]

JCS2024: Diversity and Evolution in Cell Biology

Evolutionary cell biology represents the integration of evolutionary theory, phylogenetics and experimental evolution with comparative cell biology, aiming ultimately to understand how and why cells evolved to be the way they are. This meeting aims to bring together evolutionary biologists and cell biologists investigating diverse aspects of cellular physiology, traversing both spatial scales – from […]

2024 CGUE Conference on Unicellular Eukaryotes

This conference is designed to facilitate interactions between researchers who study comparative genomics, molecular mechanisms, and cell biology for a diversity of microbial eukaryotes. These range from fungi to uncultured protists in aquatic, terrestrial, and host environments. The overarching aim of the meeting is to highlight the latest research and approaches for understanding the world […]

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