JCS2024: Diversity and Evolution in Cell Biology

Evolutionary cell biology represents the integration of evolutionary theory, phylogenetics and experimental evolution with comparative cell biology, aiming ultimately to understand how and why cells evolved to be the way they are. This meeting aims to bring together evolutionary biologists and cell biologists investigating diverse aspects of cellular physiology, traversing both spatial scales – from […]

2024 PSA-ISOP-ISEP Joint Meeting

Call fo Abstract: March 15th to May 17th. Workshops and Field Trip registration: March 15th to June 17th. Get ready for a tidal wave of excitement! PSA 2024 is not just about algae; it’s about amplifying the enthusiasm with our protist pals! Brace yourselves because the PSA-ISOP-ISEP 2024 meeting in Seattle is a mega-event, bringing […]

Blastocystis 2024

We would like to invite you to the 4th International Blastocystis Conference that will take place in Heraklion (Crete, Greece), between 17–19 September 2024. The day before the conference (17 September 2024) we will organise two parallel optional workshops, one on the Epidemiology of Blastocystis (Working Group 1 of the COST Action) and the other […]

2024 CGUE Conference on Unicellular Eukaryotes

This conference is designed to facilitate interactions between researchers who study comparative genomics, molecular mechanisms, and cell biology for a diversity of microbial eukaryotes. These range from fungi to uncultured protists in aquatic, terrestrial, and host environments. The overarching aim of the meeting is to highlight the latest research and approaches for understanding the world […]

APCOP-V 2024

The Asian Pacific Congress of Protistology (APCOP-V) will be held in Brisbane, Australia on 4-6 November 2024, at the University of Queensland St Lucia campus. This international conference is a collaboration with the Australasian Society of Phycology and Aquatic Botany (ASPAB). The Asian Pacific Congress of Protistology (APCOP-V) 2024 is the new branding for the […]

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