Holz-Conner Travel grant: Applications for the ISOP Holz-Conner Travel grant are now being accepted. If you plan to apply for this award, obtain here the application form. Although the deadline is the 9:00 am GMT, 22nd of April, we encourage early applications. Late applications will not be accepted.

Hutner Achievement Award: ISOP members are encouraged to submit nominations for the Hutner Prize no later than April 2, 2019, to the Chair of the Awards Committee (David Montagnes, dmontag[a]liv.ac.uk). Prior to nominating the person, please ensure that they are happy to be nominated. Your nomination must then be accompanied by the names of three current ISOP members who are willing to write supporting letters (help obtaining those letters would be appreciated by the Awards Chair). Those writing support letters must be familiar with the nominee’s research activity and be authorities in the area of specialty.

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