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ISOP Honorary Membership

Salpingella faurie

Honorary Membership in the International Society of Protistologists.

Honorary Membership in the International Society of Protistologists.
Honorary Members are protistologists, not necessarily members of the Society, who have distinguished themselves by service to the Society, by their outstanding contributions to protistological research or by a combination of these activities. Each year, the Executive Committee may consider one or more names of protistologists, who qualify for Honorary Membership. Names of protistologists may be submitted by any member of the Society to the Secretary of the Society. In addition, the President may establish an ad hoc Honorary Membership Committee, which should be chaired by an Honorary Member. This Committee may also propose names of protistologists. If recommended by the Executive Committee, election to Honorary Membership is by a majority vote of all members present and voting at a duly scheduled Annual Business Meeting of the Society. Honorary members are thereafter notified by the Membership Secretary of their election. “Honorary members shall enjoy all the privileges of regular membership, but shall be exempt from all regular dues and levies claimed by the Society from its members for the duration of the honorary member’s life. Honorary members will be invited to present a keynote address at an Annual Scientific Meeting of the Society” (Bylaws Article 1, Section 6).

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