We are pleased to announce the results of the 2024 elections held between 3 and 21 June 2024. Voter turnout was 66% (179 from 273 voters). The newly elected officers and Nominating committee members are:

Julius Lukeš (Institute of Parasitology and University of South Bohemia, Czechia)

Vice President:
Avelina Espinosa (Roger Williams University, USA)

Gillian Gile (Arizona State University, USA)

Nominating committee Chairperson:
Euki Yazaki (National Agriculture and Food Research Organization, Japan)

Nominating committee members:
Deo Florence L. Onda (University of the Philippines, Philippines)
Kristina I. Prokina (University Paris-Saclay, France)
Samuel S. Bowser (NY State Dept. Health, USA)
Simon Hassello Kline (University of Oslo, Norway)

Terms of newly elected officers and committee members start right after the ISOP Business Meeting in Seattle later this year.

Julius Lukeš will serve for one year as President-Elect, another year as an acting President and the next two years as a Past president.

President-Elect, Vice President, and Member-at-Large will be voting members of the Executive Committee.

The chairperson of the Nominating Committee is a non-voting member of the Executive Committee. The Nominating Committee shall transmit all nominations to the Executive Secretary before March 15th, 2025.

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