Executive Committee of the ISOP will consider requests to support small local in-person or hybrid meetings to be held during 2022 from organizers that are ISOP members. Due to exceptional circumstances related to the pandemic, the grants-in-aid program for affiliated sections will be subsumed into this initiative for 2022. A maximum of US $80,000 will be committed in total, and a maximum of US $8,000 will be committed per meeting (max. US $6000 for travel of students and postdocs who are ISOP members in the time of the meeting – up to US $500 per person; max. US $2000 for other expenses). Proposals do not need to come from formal ISOP sections/affiliates, but the meetings will be considered ISOP-sponsored events. Organizers will submit a brief report of how funds were spent after the meeting.

Applications are open and will be open until the funds are used or the end of 2022. Please submit the application form to ISOP Vice President.

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