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ISOP Honorary Membership from Constitution and Bylaws

Salpingella faurie

Honorary Membership of the Society of Protozoologists from the Constitution and Bylaws, published as a Supplement to the Journal vol. 43, July-August 1996.

This class of membership is prescribed in the Constitution Article II, Section 2 e. In the Bylaws Article I, Section 5, the procedures are described for recommendation to the Executive Committee of distinguished protozoologists deemed worthy of Honorary Membership. If recommended by the Executive Committee, election to Honorary Membership is by a majority vote of all members present and voting at a duly scheduled annual business meeting of the Society. Honorary members are thereafter notified by the Membership Secretary of their election, and notified of their benefits. In the Bylaws Article VII, Section 4 g, the operation of the Committee on Honorary Membership is described. Although the Chairman must be an Honorary member, the members of this committee need not be (this may be important now that I need to seek at least one replacement member on the Committee – Koichi Hiwatashi has asked to be allowed to resign, but he is the only Japanese Honorary member, and we need an appropriate person from an Asian country, I think). The Honorary Membership Committee may submit to the Executive Committee one or more names of protozoologists, not necessarily members of the Society, who qualify for honorary membership under the Constitution.

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