A Special Symposium to honor the life and work of Thomas Cavalier-Smith, one of the most influential scholars in the field of evolutionary protistology, is planned for 23 July 2021, just prior to the ISOP Virtual Meeting 26-30 July 2021. The symposium coordinator is Laura Eme, who is arranging for 5-6 researchers who worked with him or who are researching similar topics to share their comments. Remembered by all for his brilliant thinking, his insightful questions, his colorful presentations, and his extensive manuscripts, Tom will be greatly missed, especially for his significant contributions to protist taxonomy and his commitment to interpret and bridge existing literature and new findings. The Symposium will be virtual, available by Zoom. Details regarding registration and participation will be forthcoming. Additional information about Professor Cavalier-Smith will also be made available.

David Bass, Protistology-UK
“…over a publishing lifetime of what will almost certainly exceed 55 years…his research covered an unparalleled diversity of fundamental topics…”

Juan Saldarriaga, ISEP
“Tom Cavalier-Smith was without a doubt one of the most important biologists of our time, his influence will be felt for many years to come, and his loss is a devastating one of the field.”

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