ISOP Solidarity Forums

ISOP Solidarity Forums

ISOP recognizes a growing need to serve our community. These bulletin boards will enable protistologists affected by disasters and those willing to host scientists to make contact. The platform will remain available to any protistologists who are dispossessed and displaced due to natural or man-made disasters, as a way for ISOP to continue fostering our field and our community.

Now is the time that we can come together as a community of scholars in mutual aid. We will see better days.

The Global Humanitarian Aid forum provides a space to link protistologists affected by ongoing manmade or natural disasters.

The Ukraine Support forum provides a space to link protistologists affected by the invasion of Ukraine with protistology labs able to offer support. This may be scientists displaced by the attacks but also scientists who are abroad and can now not return home.

The Turkey/Syria Support forum provides a space to link protistologists affected by the recent earthquake with protistology labs able to offer support.

These forums are divided into two topics: Labs Able to Provide Support and Scientists Requesting Support.

Labs able to offer support, please provide a location, description of your subject area, and institutional website. Also please give specifics, if you are willing, of the support you are able to offer.

Scientists requesting support, please post whatever details you feel safe providing. We also suggest that you have available the names of two protistologists who can confirm your identity.



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