Hutner Award


This award was established to honor Dr. Seymour H. Hutner. It is presented annually, to a Society member within 15 years of their PhD (or comparable terminal degree) who has made outstanding contributions in some area(s) of protistology. Along with the prestige that accompanies this award, recipients are given a cash prize provided by the endowed Hutner Fund and are invited to present a special lecture at an annual meeting of the Society.

Members are strongly encouraged to submit nominations for the 2024 Hutner Prize (to the Awards Committee). A nomination should include (1) the nominee’s CV, and (2) three letters of support from colleagues who are familiar with the nominee’s contributions, and who are authorities in their area of specialty. Nominees will remain in the active file for three years or until the end of their eligibility.

Application dates will vary, depending on the timing of the annual meeting. The deadline this year will be 25 June 2024. Applications (in full) must be submitted by the required date (GMT). Late and incomplete nominations will not be considered. Documentation of travel expenses is required.


A list of the Hutner awardees is available.

Photo by Christian Sardet

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