Hutner Awardees

YearAwardeeResearch Topic
2023Laura EmeOrigin and genome evolution of eukaryotic microbes (a.k.a. protists) and archaea.
2022Anastasios TsaousisThe molecular interactions between Cryptosporidium and its host; the
complexity of its life cycle
2021Fabien BurkiEukaryotic Tree of Life – diversity and evolution of microbial eukaryotes
2020Vladimir HamplDiversity, molecular and cell biology of Preaxostyla, a protist group that has
succeeded in eliminating mitochondria.
2019Enrique LaraProtist diversity patterns at the species level – the case of testate amoebae
2018Micah DunthornEquating OTUs With Species Diversity
2017Tom Richards
2016Joel DacksDiversity of membrane-trafficking machinery
2015Susanne Menden-DeuerRoles of protists in the marine plankton
2014Ross WallerEvolution in Aveolates
2013John ArchibaldOrigin and evolution of eukaryotes
2012Alastair G. B. SimpsonPhylogeny and ultrastructure of excavate flagellates
2011Virginia EdgcombEcology and phylogeny of marine protists, especially ciliates
2010Andrew RogerPhylogeny of eukaryotes and genome evolution
2009Laura KatzEvolution of eukaryotic microbes
2006Per Juel HansenEcology of marine flagellates and ciliates, emphasizing mixotrophy
2005Patrick KeelingLateral gene transfer and compact genomes
2003Burt GoldbergBiochemistry and drug metabolism of anaerobic protozoa
2002David A. ScottVacuolar pyrophosphatase of trypanosomes
2000Guan ZhuBiochemistry and metabolism of apicomplexan parasites
1999David CaronEcology of planktonic protists, particularly flagellates
1998Jo Ann BurkholderPfeisteria and harmful algal blooms
1996Melanie T. Cushion Pathobiology of Pneumocystis infection
1995C. Graham Clark Genetic diversity of intestinal protists
1994Nigel Yarlett Hydrogenosomes and anaerobic metabolism of protists
1992Carolyn L. Jahn Genome rearrangements and development of hypotrich
1991Diane K. Stoecker Ecology of planktonic protists, especially ciliates
1990Stephen F. Ng Morphogenetic functions of the micronucleus of ciliates
1988Roberto Docampo Trypanosomes and calcium metabolism
1987Alan FairlambKwang-Poo Chang Metabolism and functions of trypanothione & Biochemistry and cell biology of Leishmania
1986Graham H. Coombs Biochemistry of parasites, particularly Leishmania and Trichomonas
1985John Mansfield Host-parasite relationships of African trypanosomes
1984Stephen Hajduk Antigenic variation and kinetoplast DNA of African trypanosomes
1983Cyrus J. Bacchi Biochemistry and physiology of hemoflagellate protozoa
1982Yoshinori Nozawa Membrane biology of Tetrahymena
1981Donald G. Lindmark Metabolism of hydrogenosomes, particularly of Giardia
1980Larry Simpson Mitochondrial genome of kinetoplastids, particularly trypanosomes
1979George C. Hill Biochemistry and molecular biology of African trypanosomes
1978Richard D. Allen Ultrastructure and cell biology of ciliates, particularly organelles of Paramecium
1976Miklós Müller Hydrogenosomes and anaerobic metabolism of protists
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