Student support, seed money, and more. Got a tip for a program that funds protist research? Contact the Vice President.

Society funding: The Holz-Conner Travel Fund provides funding for travel to Society meetings. Visit the Awards page to learn more.


Grants-in-Aid provide support for other protistology societies that have taken the formal steps to become an ISOP Section. A list of eligible sections is posted on the ISOP website. Address questions about affiliated society status to the Vice President. These awards are intended to stimulate novel programs of the sections, including uniquely-themed meetings or special opportunities. Applications for support of regular periodic meetings will generally not be successful.

For 2023: Only in-person meeting support will be considered. ISOP is exploring ways to support virtual meetings via a separate mechanism.

The maximum award is 5,000 USD per application, the total budget for this year is 10,000 USD

Grants-in-aid 2018

In 2018 ISOP committed USD 10,000 to fund the activities of the following affiliated societies:

Photo by David J. Patterson

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