The ISOP Executive Committee continues to reinforce its commitment to fostering the development of young scientists by encouraging and rewarding high-quality research as exhibited by conference presentations and publication efforts, funding travel to ISOP meetings and seminars; expanding research awards and enhancing communication about research opportunities; and looking for ways to fund research collaborations with leaders in each field.

In that context, we are happy to report a series of Awards that have been celebrated in Vancouver in 2018 (Joint Meeting of ISOP/PSA), and in Rome in 2019 (Joint Meeting of ISOP/ECOP). Each received a monetary award for their outstanding work. Abstracts for these presentations are available from the recipients.

The Society encourages all student presenters to compete for these Awards at future meetings, as described on the ISOP website.

Jahn-Bovee Award – Best Presentations (2018):

Susan A. Smith “A Comparative Analysis of Two Tintinnids: Addressing the Species Problem With ‘Omics’ ” (University of Connecticut, USA)

Other publications by Smith include the following:
Smith, S.A., Song, W., Gavrilova, N.A., Kurilov, A.V., Liu, W., McManus, G.B. and Santoferrara, L.F. (2018), Dartintinnus alderae n. g., n. sp., a Brackish Water Tintinnid (Ciliophora, Spirotrichea) with Dual‐ended Lorica Collapsibility. J. Eukaryot. Microbiol., 65: 400-411. doi:10.1111/jeu.12485

Christopher Kahlich “Shattered Glass: The Specialized Predator Phryganella paradoxa (Arcellinida, Amoebozoa) Ruptures Frustules of Diatoms By Force” (University of Cologne, Germany)

As a co-author, other work of Kahlich includes:
Dumack, K., Kahlich, C., Lahr, D.J.G. and Bonkowski, M. (2019), Reinvestigation of Phryganella paradoxa (Arcellinida, Amoebozoa) Penard 1902. J. Eukaryot. Microbiol., 66: 232-243. doi:10.1111/jeu.12665

Jahn-Bovee Award – Best Poster (2018)

Mireya Ramirez-Ballesteros “Effect of Epibiont Ciliates (Ciliophora: Peritrichia) On Metabolic Rate of the Crayfish Cambarellus montezumae (Crustacea: Decapoda)” (Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México, Mexico)

Publications include the following:
Ramírez-Ballesteros M, Fernandez-Leborans G, Mayén-Estrada R. New record of Epistylishentscheli (Ciliophora, Peritrichia) as an epibiont of Procambarus (Austrocambarus) sp. (Crustacea, Decapoda) in Chiapas, Mexico. Zookeys. 2018;(782):1–9. Published 2018 Aug 16. doi:10.3897/zookeys.782.26417

Jahn-Bovee Award – Best Presentation (2019)

Hazel Farthing. “A Comparative Analysis of Two Tintinnids: Addressing the Species Problem With ‘Omics’ ” (University of Connecticut, USA)

Farthing has now completed her MBiolSci, from the University of Liverpool in July 2019.

Jahn-Bovee Award – Best Poster (2019)

Natalia Guminska “Exception Within Exceptions–Unusual Organization of rRNA Genes in Euglena longa” – Co-Authors Pawel Halakuc, Anna Karnkowska and Rafal Milanowski (University of Warsaw, Poland)

Publications include the following:
Gumińska N, Płecha M, Zakryś B, Milanowski R (2018) Order of removal of conventional and nonconventional introns from nuclear transcripts of Euglena gracilis. PLoS Genet 14(10): e1007761. pgen.1007761

Holz Conner Travel Awards were granted to 38 students in 2018 and to 55 students in 2019, thus allowing a greater number of graduate students and postdoctoral fellows to attend the meetings.

The Seymour H. Hutner Young Investigator Prize “is given to a Society member who is not more than 15 years beyond the Ph.D. or equivalent terminal degree for his/her outstanding contributions to the “cutting edge” of some area of protozoology. The prize-winner is asked to deliver a special lecture at the annual meetings of the Society.” The Award provides funds to attend an ISOP meeting, along with a cash award of $1,000.

Hutner Award (2018)

Micah Dunthorn, Ph.D., “Equating OTUs With Species Diversity” (Department of Eukaryotic Microbiology, University of Duisburg-Essen, Essen, Germany) – Award presented at the ECOP/ISOP Meeting in Rome, Italy.

Publications include:
Dunthorn, M., Zufall, R.A., Chi, J., Paszkiewicz, K. Moore, K. and Mahe, F. 2017. Meiotic Genes in Colpodean Ciliates Support Secretive Sexuality. Genome Biol. Evol .9(6):1781–1787.    doi:10.1093/gbe/evx125

Kraus, D., Chi, J, Boenigk, J, Beisser, D. Graupner, N, and Dunthorn, M. 2019. Putatively asexual chrysophytes have meiotic genes: evidence from transcriptomic data. Peer J. 6: e5894. Published online 2019 Jan 16. doi: 10.7717/peerj.5894

SM Adl, D Bass, CE Lane, J Lukeš, CL Schoch, A Smirnov, S Agatha, Cedric Berney, Matthew W Brown, Fabien Burki, Paco Cárdenas, Ivan Čepička, Ludmila Chistyakova, Javier del Campo, Micah Dunthorn, Bente Edvardsen, Yana Eglit, Laure Guillou, Vladimír Hampl, Aaron A Heiss, Mona Hoppenrath, Timothy Y James, Sergey Karpov, Eunsoo Kim, Martin Kolisko, Alexander Kudryavtsev, Daniel JG Lahr, Enrique Lara, Line Le Gall, Denis H Lynn, David G Mann, Ramon Massana i Molera, Edward AD Mitchell, Christine Morrow, Jong Soo Park, Jan W Pawlowski, Martha J Powell, Daniel J Richter, Sonja Rueckert, Lora Shadwick, Satoshi Shimano, Frederick W Spiegel, Guifré Torruella i Cortes, Noha Youssef, Vasily Zlatogursky, Qianqian ZhangRevisions to the classification, nomenclature, and diversity of eukaryotes. Journal of Eukaryotic Microbiology 66 (1), 4-119.

Hutner Award (2019)

Enrique Lara, Ph.D., “Species-level diversity in protists: a journey into the near-imponderable” (Researcher, Real Jardin Botanico de Madrid, Spanish National Research Council, Madrid, Spain) – Award presented at the ISOP/ECOP Joint Meeting, Rome, Italy; Hutner Award talk to be presented at the ISOP/ISEP Joint Meeting in Cancun, Mexico in 2020.

Publications include:
Singer, D, Mitchell, EAD, Payne, RJ, et al. Dispersal limitations and historical factors determine the biogeography of specialized terrestrial protists. Mol Ecol. 2019; 28: 3089– 3100.

Adl, S.M., Simpson, A.G.B., Lane, C.E., Lukeš, J., Bass, D., Bowser, S.S., Brown, M.W., Burki, F., Dunthorn, M., Hampl, V., Heiss, A., Hoppenrath, M., Lara, E., le Gall, L., Lynn, D.H., McManus, H., Mitchell, E.A.D., Mozley‐Stanridge, S.E., Parfrey, L.W., Pawlowski, J., Rueckert, S., Shadwick, L., Schoch, C.L., Smirnov, A. and Spiegel, F.W. (2012), The Revised Classification of Eukaryotes. J. Eukaryot. Microbiol., 59: 429-514. doi:10.1111/j.1550-7408.2012.00644.x

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